Women's Rights and Advocacy in the Pacific (WRAP)

WRAP is an Aotearoa-based group made up of organisations (or affiliates  of international organisations) which promote  the rights of women in the Pacific. The group's roles include:

  • 1. To share information through the WRAP network about events, publications, trainings and new initiatives related to gender and/or women’s rights in the Pacific
  • 2. To coordinate and work together on campaign initiatives taking place in NZ to educate and inform the NZ public and others which are related to women's rights in the Pacific.
  • 3. To recognise Pacific based women's rights groups and organisations and to support and strengthen their best work that we can. The wider information network currently has over 40 members and communicates through a Google e-mail group. The UN Women NZ National Committee is a key participant in the coordinating group, along with Family Planning International, Amnesty International, UNICEF and Oxfam NZ.

WRAP promotes key issues for women in the Pacific that have been identified by Pacific women. These include:

  • 1. Mechanisms to promote the advancement of women including; women in power and decision making, women and aid effectiveness; women and the Pacific Plan, women and the UN.
  • 2. Women's legal and human rights including; violence against women, human rights of women, CEDAW and legislative reform.
  • 3. Women's access to services including; women's sexual and reproductive health, education and training of women, women and the media.
  • 4. Economic empowerment of women including; women and trade, women and the global economic crisis, women and poverty, women's ownership of property, women and international trade negotiations.
  • 5. Women and the environment including; women and climate change, women and natural
  • 6. disasters, women and food justice, women's access to natural resources (land, carbon, water).

See www.wrap.org.nz