UN Women Aotearoa New Zealand

UN Women Aotearoa New Zealand is one of thirteen National Committees spread out globally, who contribute to the mission of UN Women. Our role in Aotearoa New Zealand is to mobilise women’s empowerment efforts through raising awareness about women’s issues and fundraising toward UN Women’s programmes and policies in our neighbouring Pacific countries.

Women’s empowerment for us is about contributing to projects that deliver better outcomes for women and girls - and their communities. We believe in investing in sustainable projects that support local women to autonomously support the empowerment priorities of their communities.

UN Women Aotearoa New Zealand is a membership-based organisation with a charitable status. Our voluntary Board works closely with other like organisations, individuals, and UN Women field teams to learn about the needs of women and girls and to share resources with our members, wider advocacy groups and communities. We also lobby the New Zealand government to support initiatives for women’s issues.