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We've seen a gender gap when it comes to women in retirement savings. Women generally earn less in terms of wages. That leads to a gap in savings of course which leads to a gap in retirement. ANZ announced yesterday it will be contributing to the KiwiSavers of its employees on parental leave- that's men or women, and employers generally are being asked to help fill the gap. UN Women New Zealand president Angela McLeod is with us.

International Women's Day: Dame Anne Salmond's Speech

Women and Democracy

I find myself strangely at home here in Parliament. As they say, “In politics, itsdog eat dog; whereas in academia, it’s precisely the reverse.”

On International Women’s Day, we can paraphrase a hymn that I used to singat boarding school, ‘Let us now praise famous women, and our mothers thatbegat us.’ Its important for us to do this, lest they be forgotten. As VirginiaWoolf, the great Bloomsbury novelist, noteded acerbically, ‘For most of history,Anonymous was a woman.’

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) In The Pacific: Gender Equality - Rae Julian

Rae Julian National President UN Women National Committee for Aotearoa New Zealand


Two of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are specific to women:

MDG 3: Promote gender equality and empower women

MDG 5: Improve maternal health


Child and Gender: Human Rights Protections - Speech by Rae Julian


Rae Julian National President, UN Women National Committee for Aotearoa New Zealand

Since the main focus of my organisation is women, I will deal with that area first. Note that I am separating out women, men and children, in recognition that one day men and women may take equal responsibility for the care of children and then children can be described as a joint gender issue.

Human Rights instruments relevant to women




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