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Staff Spotlight: Audrey Micah Manu, Advancing Gender Justice in the Pacific Programme

Audrey Micah Manu is the programme coordinator for the Advancing Gender Justice in the Pacific (AGJP) Programme’s Honiara Office. UN Women NCANZ is currently fundraising to support Gender Justice in the Solomon Islands. UN Women Pacific recently interviewed her.

Project Update: Getting Started Workshops for Vendors

Market vendors in Honiara Central Market, Solomon Islands. Photo Credit: Marni Gilbert/UN Women

Project Update: USD $11m Markets for Change Project in Pacific

Vendors and management at marketplaces across Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu are set to benefit from a new project that will inject almost US$11 million into ensuring they provide safe, inclusive and non-discriminatory working environments. The Markets for Change (M4C) project, which officially launched at Suva Municipal Market on Tuesday, 29 April 2014 is a key component of the Women’s Economic Empowerment programme at UN Women in the Pacific.

Project Update: Natural Disasters in the Solomon Islands

The recent natural disasters in the Solomon Islands have been disastrous. Many New Zealanders will have seen images of the impact on lives, homes and businesses. It is very hard for people to get back up from repeated events that knock their lives sideways, but we know that people in the Solomon Islands will be getting up again as fast as they possibly can. We know that women and their children especially will be struggling, and can use our support.


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