Staff Spotlight: Audrey Micah Manu, Advancing Gender Justice in the Pacific Programme

Audrey Micah Manu is the programme coordinator for the Advancing Gender Justice in the Pacific (AGJP) Programme’s Honiara Office. UN Women NCANZ is currently fundraising to support Gender Justice in the Solomon Islands. UN Women Pacific recently interviewed her.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

I am constantly meeting smart and talented people with ideas and stories to share. The feedback received from stakeholders, individuals and partners on the support provided by the AGJP Programme has been very fulfilling and satisfying. It gives you that extra energy and passion to go that extra mile!

What is the biggest challenge facing women in Solomon Islands?

Solomon Islands women operate their businesses and work in a male-dominated culture. They have minimal representation in decision-making, violence against women is endemic and legal services are not readily accessible to women. Getting the right mix of policy and action to bring about positive change is, in my opinion, a challenge facing women and girls in Solomon Islands.

Who is your mentor?

My most memorable mentor was my father. He has taught me to believe in myself and to be faithful in whatever I do. He was always cheerful and ready to share his infinite wisdom on most subjects but never pushed his ideas. He listens and provides sound fatherly advice. His advice and wisdom has moulded and shaped me to what I am today.