Markets for Change: Solomon Islands

UNWNCANZ is currently supporting the construction of a market project for women vendors in Honiara.

UN Women Markets for Change

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To support Solomon Islands women towards economic independence.

Project background

Between 2010-2012, our proceeds for International Women’s Day events went towards the Solomon Islands Markets for Change project.

Project details

UNWNCANZ's Solomon Islands project is part of UN Women's Markets for Change, which promote women's economic empowerment in three Pacific Island countries: Vanuatu, Fiji and the Solomon Islands. In 2012-2013, UN Women NC Aotearoa NZ sent $66,600 to UN Women Pacific to upgrade sanitation facilities for market vendors at the Honiara markets. The project is in partnership with UN Women Pacific and Honiara City Council. The toilets, showers and water tank will allow women vendors to more fully participate in the markets. For more information about the importance of sanitary toilet facilities for women, please see this World Toilet Day article. The project is in progress. The structural plans and  environmental impact reports have been completed; this includes consideration of water supplies, sewage outlets and treatment alternatives.  The design and construction is in the process of resource consent. The complete project will involve the construction of two new sanitation blocks, eight toilets and two shower facilities, with two 1000-litre water tanks.

UN Women hope to be able to use this model for future projects throughout the Pacific. The building is scheduled to be completed in 2014.

Project status


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