Gender Justice: Solomon Islands

Breaking down barriers

Members of Solomon Islands YWCA marching for women's rights on IWD 2011. Photo Credit: AusAid/Jeremy Miller


    UNWNCANZ is currently fundraising to support a gender justice project in the Solomon Islands. [small_button link="?page_id=288"]DONATE NOW[/small_button] Aim: To break down barriers to justice for Solomon Island women. Project background: 64% of women in Solomon Islands report experience of physical or sexual violence by a partner. However, in 2013, only 187 women reached out for redress through the formal justice system. In other words, in 2013, approximately .1% of Solomon Island women who have experienced such violence sought redress.

Figure credit: UN Women

  Project details: In 2014, UNWNCANZ is supporting breaking down the barriers to justice for Solomon Island women. We are pledging $USD 30,000 to support this project. Violence against women is a huge but under-reported problem in Solomon Islands. Women rarely seek redress through the formal existing structures – they don’t meet most women’s needs. As a result of the inter-relationship between colonial and traditional institutions, Pacific women face significant barriers accessing education and support about laws and legal processes and legal aid. Furthermore, the legal system itself may lack fair and equitable laws as well as formal and informal justice systems that are not gender biased in their judgements. This project aims to develop safer and more supportive paralegal advice for women within their communities, so that they may feel empowered to seek legal redress. Project status: Fundraising. Updates