International Day of the Girl - 11 October

Tuesday, 11 October, 2016 (All day)

How can you help #endchildmarriage? First, know the facts.




Watch men, women and girls from across Africa speak out to #endchildmarriage: 


See how @UN Women and the International @Olympic Committee are working together to empower girls through sport in Brazil: #dayofthegirl


In South Africa, HIV infection rates are 3x higher for girls than boys. That’s why this @UN Trust Fund to end Violence Against Women grantee works to educate and inspire girls through soccer and help stop the spread of the virus: v [@UN Women] #dayofthegirl




For Roma girls living in Moldova, it is not uncommon to spend less than 4 years in school. Child marriage, unplanned pregnancy and childcare responsibilities force them to drop out at alarming rates. But for Svetlana, that was not an option. Learn about how family support helped her escape child marriage and stay in school:


Elizabeth Chatuwa has been a Girl Guide with [@World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts] since age ten. In [@UN Women]’s series #FromWhereIStand, she talks about her work to end child marriage and empower young girls in Malawi: #dayofthegirl


Archbishop Abune Markos has trained more than 300 religious leaders in Ethiopia to use their influence to combat harmful traditions. Together, they are working to end child marriage and gender-based violence across the country. v [@UN Women] #dayofthegirl


Fear of sexual violence in refugee camps forces many young girls like Alaa to marry too young. v @UN_Women #dayofthegirl


For Syrian refugees in Jordan, integration into the Jordanian society is fraught with challenges. But for these girls, breaking social barriers starts simply by playing soccer -- and making new friends. 


For Ileana Crudu, learning to code was really about learning to believe in herself. Now, she's helping other girls do the same. v [@UN Women] #dayofthegirl #FromWhereIStand


Girl Power in Photos


Girls like Stela have dreams to fulfill. They shouldn't be stopped by child marriage, but around the world nearly 1 in 7 girls age 15-19 are married. We need to end this practice and let girls be girls! v [@UN Women] #dayofthegirl 


Sports can empower girls like Kayllana to be leaders and change the world. Let girls play. Let girls be girls! v [@UN Women] #dayofthegirl


Girls like Zaynab get called lots of names: refugee, immigrant, even dangerous. But no matter where they come from, wherever they are – they are humans first. Let girls be girls! v [@UN Women] #dayofthegirl


Girls like Melissa don't need to be told what to do. With the right opportunities, they can do anything. Let girls be girls!  v [@UN Women] #dayofthegirl