Auckland Regional Committee Leadership

Katy Wilkinson – Chair

Katy works for the Order of St John as an Asst. Director of Operations – Ambulance Communications. She has held this role since mid 2020 and it facilitated an exciting relocation from Wellington to Auckland. Katy is the first woman to hold this position, something she is very proud of. Previously, Katy has been a paramedic and held a number of management positions in government, not for profit and private healthcare. Having always been a proud feminist, Katy wrote her thesis on the mis-representation of women in leadership in the media. This sparked further motivation to keep working towards a world where women are equal in all ways and no longer need to push for opportunities or fairness in any aspect of our society. While there is a long way to go, every small step is a step in the right direction.

Carolina Galindo

Carolina loves learning new things and passing on what she knows to others. With a Psychology Bachelor’s Degree, and a strong focus on ending the violence against girls and women, Carolina believes that Prevention and Education are the key to create awareness about the reality of girls and women around the world, and to develop strategies to build a better and equal world for them.

Forough Amin

Forough Amin is passionate about working for the awareness and empowerment of women. She established an association for Iranian women in NZ (IWIN) last year. She has a PhD in Language and Communication from Auckland University of Technology. She taught and researched as a university lecturer for about 10 years. Her research interests includes studying role of language in media and political discourse.

Laetitia Laubscher

Laetitia Laubscher is a researcher, writer and communications consultant. Laetitia has strong ties to the United Nations, having worked as a communications consultant for the United Nations Development Programme in Chile. She holds a law degree from the University of Auckland, a film degree from Victoria University and a postgraduate certificate in Antarctic Studies from the University of Canterbury.

Rangitunoa Black

Rangitunoa Black is a native speaker of the Ngai Tuhoe dialect of Te Urewera Rainforest. She is a writer, poet, composer, teacher, broadcaster academic and activist. She is dedicated and committed to helping create an authentic space and voice for young women that demonstrate exceptional talent as leaders. She is an experienced bilingual communicator, and has had the honour and pleasure of knowing and working alongside Maori and Indigenous Women across the globe underpinning the right to self determination and a right to claim their sovereign identity.

Ritu Saxena

Ritu is a Chartered Accountant and an experienced finance professional. She is currently working with Electric Kiwi Ltd as Financial Reporting Manager. Her previous stints include business consulting with Ernst Young in New Zealand, India and in Investment Banking. Ritu is strongly passionate about education, youth development, women empowerment and poverty eradication. She is also on the Board of ECPAT serving as the treasurer and often volunteers her time providing mentoring.

Sharm Rajoo

Sharm Rajoo is an accountant by qualification and has been in the public service for the last 10 years. She is actively involved in advocating for gender equal citizenship for Malaysian women’s children born outside of Malaysia. She aspires to stand with women from all walks of life to achieve equal rights. She is also passionate about protecting the voting rights of the Malaysian Diaspora.

Tara Singh

Tara’s philanthropic work and leadership has positioned her as a public advocate for women and girl child issues, clean energy/sustainability in business and environmental conservation, and animal welfare and rights. As a repeat delegate to the White House and United Nations, the essence of Tara’s professional life’s mission is to support women and youth and to empower our next generation of global leaders. Working with the support of the United Nations, Tara is a regular forum and session participant, serving on working groups and committees including the UN’s Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development’s (IANYD) Youth and Gender Equality and UN Women’s Business and Philanthropy Leaders’ Forum.

Anna Cameron

Anna is Executive Director of Auckland Theatre Company and has worked in leadership and management positions across a variety of arts and creative industry senior roles at Auckland Council, New Zealand International Arts Festival, British Council, City Gallery Wellington and Playmarket. Anna’s key strengths are people and culture development, strategic planning and relationship management. Through collaboration and mentoring, Anna is committed to enabling the next generation of creative thinkers.

Suzanne Weld

Suzanne has worked both in the private and public sector for more than 25 years as a landscape architect, project manager, resource management consultant, certified hearings commissioner, a spatial, growth and infrastructure planner and an elected member. She has a master’s degree in environmental and local government law. In her spare time, she is a gardener, writer, traveller and a human rights advocate. She has worked with the Ryder-Cheshire Foundation in India and Habitat for Humanity in Nepal. In New Zealand, she supports new migrants and refugees through her work with Refugee Education for Adults and Families (REAF). Suzanne is a member of the NZ Society of Authors, Leadership New Zealand, and NZ branch of the Ryder-Cheshire Foundation.


Sarwat Tasneem

Lofi Talimalo

Bonnie Henare

Divya Kataria

Rebecca Ashby

Shehnaz Karim