Gender equality matters in COVID-19 response

The COVID-19 pandemic is not just a health issue. It is a profound shock to our societies and economies, and women are at the heart of care and response efforts underway.

As frontline responders, health professionals, community volunteers, transport and logistics managers, scientists and more, women are making critical contributions to address the outbreak every day.

The majority of caregivers, at home and in our communities, are also women.

Additionally, they are at increased risk of infection and loss of livelihood, and existing trends point to less access to sexual and reproductive health and rise in domestic violence during crisis.

UN Women is bringing up-to-date information and analysis on how and why gender matters in COVID-19 response.


Women confront the dual impact of a pandemic and a tropical cyclone

Already dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, some countries in the Pacific have had to manage the dual impact of a tropical cyclone. Although the Pacific has largely been spared by the spread of the disease relative to...

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New report from UN Women brings forth voices of Palestinian women under COVID-19 lockdown

“I always dreamed of taking a long holiday and spend it at home with myself, my children and my husband. Now the dream has turned into a nightmare,” shares Rawan*, a Palestinian woman who works in the public sector in the West Bank.

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Tajik businesses run by women living with HIV supply key protective gear for COVID-19 response

Like many women in rural Tajikistan, Dilyora Mammadova* succumbed to family pressure to marry. At the age of 30, she was happy and financially independent, but they insisted it was time to start a family. They found her a groom and arranged...

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Women mobilize to prevent COVID-19 in crowded Rohingya refugee camps

According to UNHCR, as of 15 March 2020, there were 859,161 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar in Bangladesh – the majority of whom are women and girls. As of 13 April 2020, the country had 621 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 34 deaths.

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Voices from the front lines of COVID-19

Half the world is under stay-home orders, that means four billion people in 90 countries. The world is scrambling to stop the spread of the disease and find ways to treat the infected, and economies are suffering untold losses...

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From where I stand: “The fact that domestic violence is not a criminal offence in Kazakhstan is hurting women during COVID-19 crisis”

In Kazakhstan, there are currently more than 650 reported cases of coronavirus and six deaths. The situation is challenging...

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From where I stand: “I want to hug my daughter and take care of my parents, but this sacrifice needs to be made to keep them and others safe”

For us, it all started when 175 Nepali students were brought back to Nepal from Wuhan, China. The flight arrived on 15 February and my team was the first to enter the quarantine facility on 16 February.

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Roses in the battlefield: rural women farmers join the fight against COVID-19 in China

In January 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic began spreading across China. Of the 42,600 medical workers dispatched to the hardest-hit Hubei Province, as of early March, two-thirds (28,000) were women, who have been dubbed...

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COVID-19 and gender: What do we know; what do we need to know?

The global crisis triggered by the coronavirus (COVID-19) is deepening fast, leaving researchers and policymakers scrambling to collect and analyse data to grasp its impact on affected countries and territories – 214 and counting, with over 2.55 million confirmed cases.

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From where I stand: “I am fearful for smaller countries that have limited resources during COVID-19”

With the onset of COVID-19, the hotel had to close. When I told my mom, she was almost in tears. She said, “get here (home) now,” “I want you to be safe”.

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Gender equality starts with you: Nine ways you can keep up your activism from your couch

The COVID-19 pandemic is not just a health issue. It’s a profound shock to our societies and economies...

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Ending violence against women in the context of COVID-19

As the current COVID-19 global pandemic spreads through the world, the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund), and its grantees, recognize the gender dimensions...

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